Special Services

Sacramental Services

In the New Church we celebrate only two sacraments, Baptism and the Holy Supper. These are often conducted during regular Sunday morning services. When they are, special provisions are made for them. They may also be conducted in private services arranged in a home or hospital setting, or at the church with the pastor.

Word in the beginning 015Holy Supper: Adults of any denomination who wish to be conjoined by love and faith with the Lord Jesus Christ as the One God, are invited to partake of the Holy Supper. Eating the unleavened bread pictures taking His pure love into our lives.  Drinking wine pictures taking His pure Divine truth into our minds. Holy Supper is offered quarterly at the end of the regular service. Those taking communion kneel at the chancel rail or sit in the front row if they cannot manage kneeling. Ushers direct the “tables” (groups) coming forward. Please approach through the side aisles and return to your seat through the center aisle.

Baptism Day 2016Baptism: People may be baptized as children or adults as the ceremony represents an introduction into the truths  that will form the basis of the spiritual faith, life and rebirth that follow. Baptism is a “gate of entrance” to full adult membership at all levels of the church.

Other Services

Arrangements for Communion, baptisms, confirmations, betrothals, weddings, home dedications and memorial services may be made with the pastor at any time.

Marriage: The Lord’s teachings for the New Church on marriage emphasize the unique but complementary spiritual differences between men and women which allow them to make one life in an equal partnership that lasts to eternity. Their shared love for the Lord and commitment to living by the teachings of His Word is key to building a strong bond of love as well as restoring peace and hope in a struggling marriage.