Worship Services

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is Your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” (Luke 12:32)

The New Church at Boynton Beach would love to have you join us at any of our worship services. The Lord teaches that the most important way people love and worship Him  is by living according to His commandments in their daily lives. The goal of our worship services is to provide time for people to humble themselves before the Lord, raise their minds above daily tasks, learn from the Word, and pray and sing with other people.

Regular Sunday Services at 10:00 AM

Worship begins by drawing our attention to the Lord Jesus Christ in His Word (the Bible) This serves as a reminder that everything good and true in life comes from Him, and that true worship springs from humbly choosing to follow His will.

An interactive children’s talk follows. This usually involves a story from the Lord’s Word, an object lesson, and a simple yet powerful message about how to love the Lord and treat other people. The children are then invited to go to Sunday school.

The adult talk is crafted to be inspirational, relevant, and challenging. No matter how far along we are in life there are lessons we need to learn, and things to get excited about. We need to hear it straight, and we need to know it comes from love. Modern and traditional hymns are interspersed throughout the service as a way to sing praise to the Lord for all His many blessings.

In order to maintain a reverent sphere of worship for the service, silence is observed in the sanctuary.

Sunday School program – All children, infants through eight grade, are invited to Sunday school where children learn stories from the Lord’s Word and participate in learning activities relevant to their age and development.

Visual Room – If you choose to keep your infant with you during the service, adjacent to the sanctuary is a room where parents can take children whose activity or noises may be distracting other worshipers. From this room, the service can be seen through one-way glass and heard via speakers. Unfortunately, it is not completely soundproof so loud voices might be heard in the sanctuary .