Becoming a Member of the Congregation

BBGrandpasEveryone is invited to participate in the worship and the life of our church.  You can volunteer in a number of uses/ ministries  without need for formal membership.  You’ll find a sense of spiritual “family” among people who share a love for the truths of the Word that the New Church stands for.

Becoming a member of the church

Formal membership opens the door to voting on important Church matters at church-wide meetings and to serving as trustees.  There are three steps:

  1. Baptism into the New Church expresses your willingness to be instructed by the Lord and led to love Him in keeping with the truths He has revealed for the New Church.  The pastor is happy to answer your questions and provide classes preparing for baptism.
  2. Joining the General Church of the New Jerusalem expresses an acknowledgment that what the Lord has revealed in the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg are His truths, and thus the Word of God, along with the Old and New Testaments.  It does so because the Word is the unifying authority in the life of our church organizations.  The pastor can help adults (age 20+) apply to the bishop for membership in the General Church.
  3. Applying to the pastor and signing the membership roll of our local society (church) expresses a commitment to the purpose and mission of our church.