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Sunday Sermon 07/23/2023 | 10:00 am

The Gospel According to Luke – When you read the gospels, it is common to find many different topics in one chapter. The narrative changes directions to create an impression – a wider picture of what is going on in the life of the Lord. Luke chapter 6 is like this: it starts by demonstrating that Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath, then goes on to describe the calling of the 12 apostles, to give examples of healing, and to express the extent of the Lord’s blessings and providence.

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July 25 – Announcing a Two-Part Series on Conjugial Love (Marriage)

This week we will continue our mini-series on Conjugial Love

This Tuesday at 9:30: July 25th. We are reading through the opening Memorable Relation on the Joys of Heaven. We have seen what sort of imaginary ideas people have of what eternal happiness really is. The curious thing is what happens when people get to actually experience their ideas of happiness. For one reason or another, they end up missing the central focus of real happiness: being useful to others!

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Remember to keep the Sabbath day holy; for six days you are to labour and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath for Jehovah your God.

For this third commandment, see Exod. 20:8-10; Deut. 5:12, 13. In the natural or literal sense this means that six days are for man and his work, and the seventh is for the Lord, and for Him to give man rest. Sabbath in the language of the original means rest. Among the Children of Israel the Sabbath was the holiest of observances, because it represented the Lord.

The six days represented the Lord’s toils and battles against the hells, the seventh His victory over them, and so rest. Since that day represented the completion of the Lord’s whole act of redemption, it was for that reason the height of holiness. When, however, the Lord came into the world, so that representations of Him ceased, that day became a day for instruction in Divine matters, and also a day of rest from work, for meditation about matters conducive to salvation and everlasting life, and a day for love towards the neighbour.

Its being a day for instruction in Divine matters is plain from the fact that the Lord taught in the Temple and in synagogues on that day (Mark 6:2; Luke 4:16, 31, 32; 13:10). Also from His saying to the man He had cured, ‘Pick up your bed and walk’, and to the Pharisees, that His disciples might pick ears of grain and eat them on the Sabbath day (Matt. 12:1-9; Mark 2:23-end; Luke 6:1-6; John 5:9-19).

All these details mean in the spiritual sense being instructed on matters of doctrine. The things the Lord did and taught show that that day also became a day for love towards the neighbour (Matt. 12:10-14; Mark 3:1-9; Luke 6:6-12; 13:10-18; 14:1-7; John 5:9-19; 7:22, 23; 9:14, 16). Both of those sets of passages make it plain why the Lord said that He was also Lord of the Sabbath (Matt. 12:8; Mark 2:28; Luke 6:5).  

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