Weekly Newsletter | 07-08-2023

Good Morning Friends,

Sunday Sermon 07/09/2023 | 10:00 am

Marriage between man and woman – is this love meant to be forever? Jesus stated:
For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels of God in heaven (Matthew 22:30).
Is this a clear and unambiguous refutation of the possibility that the marital state exists in the afterlife? Or, are these words of Jesus among His more cryptic sayings that require wise analysis to rightly understand? The New Church is known for its view that marriage is designed to be forever. The special love and friendship between married partners can and does continue after death. In cases where one’s eternal partner is not found on earth, the Lord will lead people to discover them in the other world. Join us to see that the Holy Scriptures not only favor marriage, but open the way for a deeper understanding consistent with human nature and the purposes of the Creator.


Bible Study

July 18 and 25 – Announcing an upcoming Two-Part Series on Conjugial Love (Marriage)
In the month of July we will have a mini-series on Conjugial Love on the following Tuesdays: the 18th and 25th. More information is coming in next week’s newsletter. Consider joining our class for this two-part series. 

Image Gallery

Summer rains have made a favorable habitat for our web-footed friends

Hibiscus in front of the pastor’s apartment.

The Woodlands, home to Trudy Synnestvedt (97 yo) at John Knox Village in Pompano Beach.

When the pastor noticed the Hillsboro Inlet bridge opening, he thought he would wait it out at the little Inlet park.

That’s when the rain started.

It turned into quite a storm.

If that is the water taxi, it might need a bucket before taking on a fare.

Yacht waiting for the next bridge opening.