About Us

We are a New Christian community centered on living the life of wise-love which Christ demonstrated and taught. New Christianity offers a spiritual framework to live by and supplies answers to difficult life-questions. Our church supports every individual in forging a personal relationship with God and connection with those around us, providing direction, strength, and peace for everyday life. This is key to everything we stand for: the two great commandments to love God and love the neighbor.

P1000080The New Church at Boynton Beach is a congregation of The General Church of the New Jerusalem which FullSizeRenderaspires to the New Christianity called “The New Church.” Jesus promised a renewal of Christianity when He showed John a vision of the “New Jerusalem” coming down from God out of heaven.  He promised that He would teach many things that His disciples were not ready for.  We believe that the Lord made good on those promises when He opened the spiritual eyes of Emanuel Swedenborg, to the wonders of the afterlife and the Bible’s inner meaning.  What better way to love God and cooperate with Him than to be guided by all that He has now laid open?

The clarity of what the Lord revealed is magnificent and straightforward: the Lord Jesus Christ is the one God, and those who believe the truth about God and love to live a good life go to heaven.  On its inner level, that is what the Bible is all about: God and the spiritual development called “regeneration” or “rebirth.”  As you can imagine, the details on these subjects are infinite. What the Lord has opened to view makes believable His promise that He would “lead us into all truth.”  Join us in exploring what He has revealed.

If you are looking for a fresh, sensible perspective for your spiritual life, in a warm friendly environment, we invite you to come visit us, explore our website, or email us with your questions.