Online Resources

Below are a number of helpful research tools for anyone wanting to better understand the Bible or Swedenborg’s Writings; to find specific passages; to prepare religious instruction for children or find music to accompany a worship service.



off The Left Eye YouTube Channel

This channel offers very accessible discussions of spiritual topics in the light of the revelation given by the Lord through Swedenborg, including both short topics and longer discussions and interviews.

New Christian Bible Study

New Christian Bible Study

Explores the core teachings of the New Church in their different facets. The site allows you to read all of Swedenborg’s Writings, as well as the Bible, online. It also has a section summarizing the inner meaning of a number of Bible stories.

Heavenly Doctrines provides a powerful search facility to search within Swedenborg’s Writings for specific topics, find exact quotations, compare translations, and view the original Latin text. The site is useful for people ranging from Swedenborg scholars to those with a more casual interest in the Writings. It also allows a user to search within New Church Life magazine.

Kempton Project

The Kempton Project

The Kempton Project makes a New Church translation of the Bible available to the public. The New Church version of the Word illuminates the deeper meaning of biblical allegory, using Swedenborg’s Writings to reveal hidden truth.

What the Bible Says

What The Bible Says

What the Bible Says offers easy-to-read explanations of many religious topics that have puzzled Christians for centuries, from a New Church perspective.  All are fully documented with Biblical quotes and references.

Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway enables you to search for Bible passages in over 35 languages with access to 50 different versions.

Science of Correspondences Logo

The Science of Correspondences

has a wealth of material from the Heavenly Doctrine on the study of correspondences and representations in the Bible, as well as commentary on the spiritual meaning of the Bible, organized by book, chapter, and verse. This commentary may be directly from the Heavenly Doctrine or, in its absence, by students of the Heavenly Doctrine.

New Church Music logo

New Church Music

New Church Music provides access to music for New Church music from the Liturgy and New Church musicians. It allows individuals or congregations to learn the music, find music by topic, access accompaniment files for many songs, etc. Due to musical copyright laws a login and password are required for use of this site.

New Church Audio

Provides access to many, many sermons, talks and classes from New Church congregations around the world, with new events being added weekly.


New Church Vineyard

New Church Vineyard

An online magazine promoting spiritual learning for people of all ages. There is a rotating theme for each month which provides direction for religious study. Vineyard also offers resources and materials for home, Sunday school, and classroom learning.

New Church Connection Magazine

New Church Connection

Informs, inspires, and connects people who are interested in the New Church. Each issue focuses on a theme pertinent to modern-day life and provides background information on the teachings of the church, dwelling specifically on practical application.

New Church Life

New Church Life

A monthly magazine devoted to teachings revealed through Emanuel Swedenborg. Issues include doctrinal articles, sermons, and church news. It is the official journal of the General Church of the New Jerusalem and has been published continuously since 1881.

Begin a New Life 1

Begin A New Life

Begin a New Life offers a universal, faith-based process that helps you make and sustain any life change that you want or need to make, all carefully researched in the Heavenly Doctrine.

Spirit and Life Bible Study

Spirit and Life Bible Study

Spirit and Life Bible Study, led by the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Rose, is a live Bible Study group that has been meeting since 2010. Its purpose is to look at the Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible through a Swedenborgian lens. This website is the archive of many video and MP3 recorded studies spanning over three years. The live streamed channel goes live on Wednesdays at 7:30pm (EXT/EDT) at this address: A related FaceBook page is

Swedenborg Digital Library

The Swedenborg Digital Library

The Swedenborg Digital Library republishes some classic New Church books on important topics.

Bayside Church logo

Bayside Church

This site has a great deal of information about Swedenborg, but its outstanding feature is the “book scans” section which makes available many valuable books, including Sunday School projects. Another tab has scans of first edition (Latin) volumes of the Heavenly Doctrine.

Swedenborg Information

Information Swedenborg

Information Swedenborg  in Canada provides this website.  It is a great resource with links to a variety of publishers of Swedenborg’s works from around the world and a range of churches with varying attitudes about just how much Swedenborg’s writings are from the Lord.

dove press logo

Dove Press

Dove Press seeks to show the major message in the minor prophets.  The author draws on a lifetime of experience and study of the Heavenly Doctrine as a New Church pastor to draw out the meaning in these often-overlooked books.

Spiritual Wisdom logo

Spiritual Wisdom

Interested in dabbling in Swedenborgian thought without getting in too deep? You might find something here that suits you.

Swedenborg en Espanol

Swedenborg in Spanish may be of help if Spanish is your first language.


Nova Jerusalem (Brazil)

If your first language is Portuguese, this is where you can explore the church of the Lord God the Savior Jesus Christ including the works of Swedenborg translated into Portuguese, sermons and television and radio programs.