True Christianity Book Study

Kick Off: April 27th at 7:00pm ∼ Book study group of True Christianity by Emanuel Swedenborg. Google Hangouts and Skype options are available! We will be meeting once a month.


Volume 1 provides unique answers to humankind’s perennial questions about the nature of God and about Jesus—not only what his purpose was and how he fulfilled it, but why his life and death are still relevant to us now.

Volume 2 covers topics such as freedom of choice, repentance, the transformation of a person’s inner being during spiritual awakening, the rites of baptism and the Holy Supper (Communion), and the Second Coming of the Lord

Presented in these fourteen chapters of the two-volumes of True Christianity are the key concepts in Christianity, such as the nature of God and of the Trinity; how and why Jesus redeemed the human race; the nature of the Bible; the deeper meanings of the Ten Commandments; how faith and good works contribute to salvation; the true nature and purpose of baptism and Holy Supper (Communion); and the Last Judgment, the Second Coming, and the descent of the New Jerusalem. It includes an extended and practice-oriented discussion of how to undertake effective repentance from sin. The tone of the work is often blunt and confrontational and, when it resorts to reducing opposing arguments to absurdity, devastatingly biting and witty. Extensive accounts of Swedenborg’s spiritual experiences are also included.

Whether you are interested in studying True Christianity as solely a theological work or interested in studying the doctrine of The New Church, all are welcome!

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