Online Reading Programs

Open Word & stand 2Sometimes, in the face of challenges at work or at home, the Lord’s Word can seem distant or powerless. The challenge that faces us seems so real that it’s hard to imagine the Word making a difference. That’s because the truths of the Word don’t affect us externally, like our daily problems. The truths of the Word touch us deep in our souls and transform us from the inside out. This is a far more powerful way to change us.

The Lord’s Word helps us most when we read it every day. When we read it daily we will find that we more easily understand what it says. Reading the Word is more a matter of the heart than the head. By showing up at the pages every day we open our heart to the Lord.

The pastor  at the New Church at Boynton Beach would like to help you develop a habit of turning to the Lord every day. Here are opportunities for reminders to open the door to the Lord daily:

Daily readings from the Word

Several programs are offered, which can be sent to you online in a number of lengths and formats:

a. Twitter – Daily quotes on Facebook or your cell phone.

1. Excerpts from the Prophets and Psalms:!/prophetspsalms

2. Excerpts from the Heavenly Doctrines:

b. Daily Inspirations

Short readings from General Church Outreach Office emailed to you. Sign up here.