Make A Gift

Magi and gifts 2Our congregation members and friends are our biggest supporters. They improve the life and health of our church by their participation.  They support our mission, services, newcomers and children both through volunteering their time in so many ways, and with their financial contributions.

The New Church at Boynton Beach does not require donations of any amount or percentage, but leaves members and friends in freedom to give according to their hearts and abilities. The Church then has the responsibility to use the generous gifts of it’s donors wisely in the service of the Lord.

Thank you for all you to do improve the vitality of the our church!


Ways to Give

Financial contributions to our Church are deeply appreciated and play an essential role in supporting the Church’s mission and future health.

By regular mail:

The New Church at Boynton Beach, Treasurer
10621 El Clair Ranch Road
Boynton Beach, FL 33437

By phone: (561) 736-9235

Gifts can be made by: