Practicing Forgiveness

Feb. 4th – March 17th

Practice love, even when it’s not easy.

Authentic forgiveness stems from a deep faith that we are enough, that love is abundant, and that even though we have been wronged, we don’t have to spend our emotional energy trying to get that “debt” paid back to us. This kind of trust doesn’t come easily! It takes practice to train our minds to learn to let go of what’s not important, so we can make room for things that really matter.

The New Church at Boynton Beach will launch a six-week program on Practicing Forgiveness on Sunday, Feb. 4th . The program consists of weekly Sunday worship services and the opportunity to join a small group for a weekly meeting. If you are interested in joining or leading a small group, please sign up in the Boker room or contact Alan or Amy.

Google Hangouts and Skype are available!

If this time doesn’t work for you, please contact General Church Outreach, Bryn Athyn, PA (267)502-4900, to see what other times may be available.