Boynton Beach Retreat

Jan. 28 – Feb. 1 ~ The Boynton Beach Retreat is just around the corner! We hope to see you here!

This year we have three wonderful speakers who will certainly peak your interest!

The Rt. Rev. Tom Kline will give four lectures:

  • The Nature of Spiritual Substance (with real applications to life)
  • Being a Bishop (his travels throughout the world)
  • Church Leadership (all he learned about being a leader in a congregational setting)
  • Surprise!

Chara Daum’s work has involved the very beginnings of the church embodied in the Writings, and the very latest efforts to disseminate those works to the world. She will talk about her work on The New Century Edition of the Works of Emanuel Swedenborg, her involvement with the Spirit and Life Bible Study, and being part of the offTheLeftEye team on the “Swedenborg and Life” show.

The Rev. Barry Halterman’s presentation, One God, Many Religions. Why? will examine the core teachings of the major World Religions, seeing how the Lord adapts His teachings to meet the unique needs of people from various cultures.  The series will look for the universal truths the Lord has spread across all major religions and how they fit with New Church teachings.

This is a four-day event beginning held at the Duncan Center in Delray Beach. If you would like to know more about this event, or future events like this, be sure to contact us!